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Overcome The Hiring Shortage With An Answering Service for HVAC Businesses

Tony PrietoMarch 23rd, 2022

Much like the pandemic, it seems the labor shortage is here to stay. For months, there have been “Now Hiring” signs on businesses all over the country. It seems there are never enough applicants to fill those roles, and there doesn’t seem to be a sign it will stop.

COVID-19 has changed the American labor market, and HVAC is no different. If you’ve been looking for the right receptionist or dispatcher, you know what we’re talking about. Hiring has always been a time-intensive process, and now it’s even more so.

Rather than waiting for things to go back to normal, your business has to adapt to these changes to succeed. Luckily, Ring Savvy has the perfect solution: an answering service for HVAC businesses. By letting our virtual receptionists answer your phones, you can skip the hiring process and breathe a sigh of relief. Here’s how Ring Savvy can help your HVAC business overcome the hiring shortage:

Your Search Ends With Our Receptionist Team

Let’s imagine you ignore our advice and decide to search for a receptionist yourself. You spend a few weeks screening applicants, come down to a few qualified candidates, and conduct interviews. Then you get the new hire set up with your business and start training them. All told, you’re probably going to spend at least a month filling this role. Even more if you’re looking for a quality candidate that fits your budget, which, with rising wages around the country, might be a lengthy search.

Now, let’s see what happens when you hire Ring Savvy’s HVAC answering service instead. You sign up for our free trial, where we get your business set up and work out your custom greetings and call protocols

And… that’s it! It’s smooth sailing from there on out. Our 100 percent U.S.-based virtual receptionists go through extensive training before they ever pick up the phone for your business. That means you’re not just letting us handle your phones; we’re taking care of the expensive, headache-inducing, and time-consuming training process too. 

Our Virtual Receptionists Answer The Phone Like You Would

You might think: “If I’m not doing the training myself, how do I know the virtual receptionists are answering the way I need them to?” Because you decide the script they use to answer your phones, there’s no need to worry about it. Our virtual receptionists will answer the phone exactly as if you had trained them yourself, just without the headache. 

You can even set your call protocols, too. Want to talk to new customers immediately? After greeting the customer and ascertaining the reason for their call, our virtual receptionists will call you and give you this information, then patch you through to the customer so you can secure their business immediately.

Otherwise, our virtual receptionists will ask any questions you’ve decided you want answered before taking on a job and send the information collected to you in a text or email. Want to know the make, model, and age of the HVAC system before you send a technician? Need to make sure you have the gate code so your technicians don’t spend half an hour waiting for someone to let them in? Because you write the customer intake script, you’ll always have everything you need to conduct business.

Avoid Dispatching Headaches And Keep Your Techs Happy

Alongside the hiring shortage, there’s what’s being called the Great Resignation: people are quitting their jobs more often, whether that’s because a better job has come around or because they would prefer to work from home. Luckily, it’s pretty much impossible for HVAC technicians to work from home, but that doesn’t mean you’re safe from sudden changes in your roster.

The best way to make sure your technicians don’t jump ship for another job is to make your business a good place to work. If you’ve got a complicated or messy dispatch system, your technicians might get annoyed and start looking for somewhere more organized, where they’d have more control over their schedule.

Ring Savvy’s HVAC answering service will take care of dispatch for you, too. All you have to do is give us your schedule and the contact information of your on-call technicians, then tell us what you want our virtual receptionists to say to customers who need urgent service. 

Whenever one of those customers calls, the virtual receptionist will reach out to the on-call technician and give them all the information they need to get the job done. With such a simple dispatch process, your employees will have even fewer reasons to get a wandering eye, and your roster will stay stable, letting you plan ahead for future busy seasons.

Ring Savvy Will Adapt With Your Business

Ring Savvy recognizes that businesses have to change constantly to stay competitive, which is why our service is flexible enough to make those changes with you. Did you end up hiring a receptionist after all? With overflow call handling, our service can ensure you don’t ever miss a call, even if that receptionist is out sick or on break. 

Want to expand your customer base to include Spanish-speaking customers in your area? Our 100 percent U.S.-based virtual receptionists are bilingual, so we can help you get more business whether they speak English or Spanish. Have you decided you want to offer overnight emergency service? Our virtual receptionists will be there to answer the phone for you, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You don’t have to spend time and money hiring and training receptionists and dispatchers. Hire Ring Savvy instead, and stop worrying about the hiring shortage. Click here or call 631-363-1000 to sign up for our free trial. For a limited time, we’re offering businesses that sign up with our service their first 400 minutes free.