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Why Your Growing HVAC Business Needs A Live Virtual Receptionist

Tony PrietoMarch 30th, 2022

Are you struggling to answer all your phone calls and do the work that needs to be done? If you’re running a growing HVAC business, chances are you don’t have an army of technicians, receptionists, and dispatchers at your disposal. 

You’re probably doing a lot of the work yourself: the administrative work that comes with owning a business, the actual HVAC work, and answering the phone to get new business. If you’re doing all that, however, you’re not working as efficiently as you can, which means you’re not making as much money as you could be.

If you could delegate your phone answering, you would have more time to do the work that needs to be done. But receptionists cost time and money that you may not have; time for training and money in salary and benefits. A virtual receptionist, however, lets you offload training time, and costs much less money. Here’s why your growing HVAC business needs a live virtual receptionist.

Phone Calls Are Keeping You From Getting Work Done

Picture this: you’re installing an HVAC system as part of a home renovation. The old ducts weren’t doing the job, so you’re in the attic, laying new ducts. Insulation in the attic keeps it sweltering, so you’re sweating through your clothes, trying to concentrate on your work. And then the phone rings.

You have to answer, in case it’s a new customer, as sending them to your voicemail often means losing their business. But when speaking to a new customer, you have to make a good first impression. Is sweating and struggling in an attic really where you want to be when you answer that phone?

That’s why you need a live virtual receptionist. With a virtual receptionist handling your phone lines, you’ll only find out about the truly important calls. Spam calls and non-urgent business won’t interrupt you, whether you’re out on the job or doing any of the complex administrative tasks that keep your HVAC business running smoothly. You’ll get more done and still be able to answer every call that comes in.

You Need To Make Sure New Leads Don’t Call Your Competition

New business is what keeps growing HVAC companies running. Existing customers just aren’t enough; after all, you’re good at what you do, so once you’re done with their system they won’t have to call you for a while. 

That means you need to be doing everything in your power to make sure that when a new customer calls you, they don’t end the call dissatisfied and call a different HVAC business. The best way to do that is to hire a live virtual receptionist.

Callers usually want to speak to you, the business owner, to get a professional opinion and maybe even a quote for the work they need done. With a live virtual receptionist, you can make sure you always give new customers the personal touch without wading through all those spam calls that are so common these days.

When a new lead calls in, the virtual receptionist will greet them and get the reason for their call before reaching out to you. If you’re available, they’ll transfer the call over to you. If not, they’ll perform a new customer intake and send you a message via text or email, making it that much less likely the new customer moves on to a different business.

Your Business Needs Ring Savvy

Ring Savvy’s live virtual receptionists provide all those features and benefits discussed above, and more. We’re confident our HVAC answering service is the best in the business, providing call screening, custom call protocols, live transfers, and new customer intake.

In addition, our answering service goes above and beyond. Want to make sure you never miss any business? Our one hundred percent U.S-based virtual receptionists are bilingual and available 24/7, meaning every call that comes in will get the same great service. Has your HVAC business grown to the point where you need a dispatcher? Our virtual receptionists can put callers on hold and reach out to your on-call technicians, improving your response time.

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