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Streamline Your Front Desk Operations With An Answering Service For Dentist Offices

Tony PrietoMarch 16th, 2022

Does your dental practice have a bottleneck at the front desk? It makes sense; after all, the front desk handles all patient-facing interactions like phone calls, patient intake, and scheduling, as well as assisting with behind-the-scenes operations like billing and inventory. Still, a hold-up at the front desk extends to the rest of the office. If your front desk staff has too much on their plate, their productivity goes down, and your office’s workflow grinds to a halt.

That bottleneck is an inefficiency that is costing you time and money, and it can be tough to overcome. If you hire more staff, you’ll have to spend even more time training them, and even more money on salary and benefits. You can try reorganizing your office and workflow, but the amount of time that saves you won’t be as significant as you need.

That’s why you need Ring Savvy. Ring Savvy’s answering service for dentists can handle your practice’s phone lines for you, freeing your front office staff to reprioritize face-to-face interactions with patients and administrative tasks to relieve that bottleneck. Here’s how an answering service for dentist offices will streamline your front desk operations. 

Your Front Office Staff Doesn’t Have To Answer Every Call

You read that right. The phone is your practice’s lifeblood; without picking up the phone for new patients, you won’t earn those all-important 5-star reviews, secure new patients, and grow your practice. But we’re not suggesting you abandon your practice’s phone; we’re only saying your front office staff don’t have to be the people answering it.

With an answering service for dentists, you’ll be able to refocus your dental receptionists and other front desk staff to the tasks that need to be done to keep your practice running smoothly. Without constant interruptions from patients calling to schedule and reschedule — not to mention the rise in spam calls in the last few years — your front office staff will be able to spend more time dealing with patients face-to-face and assisting with things like billing and ordering inventory.

And you won’t have to worry that your phones are being mishandled! Ring Savvy’s virtual receptionists are highly-trained, and our service is so customizable you’ll be able to determine the exact script they use to speak to your patients. There won’t be a difference between the way our virtual receptionists answer and the way your front office staff answers, except our virtual receptionists don’t have a dozen other responsibilities that might be neglected if the phone rings off the hook all day.

But What If I Still Want My In-Office Staff To Answer Some Calls?

With Ring Savvy, that’s not a problem. Our service is highly customizable; with our overflow call handling, you’ll have complete control over how your phones are answered. Want to give your receptionists the opportunity to answer the phone if they’re not busy with other business? You can have our receptionist team pick up after the third or fourth ring, ensuring that every phone call gets answered and your front office staff is still involved. 

Scheduling Doesn’t Have To Be A Headache

You’re hopefully convinced Ring Savvy’s answering service for dentists can handle your phone lines, but you might doubt that we can handle everything. Surely your front desk staff would still have to be involved with scheduling?

They absolutely would, but not as much as you’d think. With an answering service for dentists, our virtual receptionists can schedule appointments directly into your calendar for you. This scheduling would only happen on days and times you predetermine, so we can’t ever overbook you. This takes the burden of many of the calls your office receives off your front office staff and onto the shoulders of our virtual receptionists, increasing your staff’s productivity.

For more complicated scheduling issues, our virtual receptionists can take a message and send that message to you via text and/or email as the call is over, so that you can adjust your schedule as needed or follow up. We can also transfer the calls over to your office if you prefer — anything to make sure that the patient’s needs come first. 

Start Saving Time And Money With Ring Savvy

We hope you can see how an answering service for dentists can streamline your front desk operations, freeing your dental receptionists to do the all-important face-to-face interactions with patients you need them to do, as well as assisting with behind-the-scenes. But why go with Ring Savvy?

Well, we’re a little biased, but we think we’re the best in the business. From 24/7 answering and bilingual virtual receptionists to overflow call handling and message-taking, our service is built not just to get your more patients, but to make sure they’re being handled exactly the way you want them to be. Our answering service will be an extension of your dental practice, ensuring that patients get the quality care you provide from the moment they pick up the phone to the moment they leave your office.

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