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Three Things Mortgage Brokers Gain By Hiring A Financial Answering Service

Tony PrietoMay 11th, 2022

The real estate market has been heating up since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, and there are no signs of it slowing down anytime soon. The first rule of real estate remains, as always, location; your market is entirely dependent on your area. But even in smaller towns homes aren’t on the market very long before they’re snapped up, either by families or people intending to rent them out.

What this means to you as a mortgage broker is that you need to be quicker on the uptake than ever before. When a buyer reaches out to you for your help, you’ve got to be sure you’re there to pick up their call. The market’s fast-paced, so your customer service and follow up time need to be just as fast.

That’s why a financial answering service is an important investment for mortgage brokers. With Ring Savvy’s team of virtual receptionists answering all your calls, you’ll never lose a new buyer to another broker. In addition, quality customer service will secure more business and make you stand out from your competition. 

Want to hear more? Here are three more things mortgage brokers gain by hiring a financial answering service. 

Securing Buyers In A Turbulent Market

It’s a seller’s world in the real estate market, and that means buyers are going to be looking for every bit of help they can get. When there are five other people making offers, theirs has to be competitive and fast, and they have to be able to back that up with a loan. They’ll need your help to do it. First-time buyers especially will have a lot of questions, and if you’re not answering them fast enough, they may find another broker.

With a financial answering service, you’ll be able to make sure you secure every buyer that calls your office. With virtual receptionists to answer every call, you’ll be able to focus your efforts on the callers that matter and need your immediate attention. 

Your virtual receptionist will be able to answer every call and ascertain their reason for calling and a few personal details. Then, if it’s a first-time buyer or someone new to your office, they can reach out to you and check if you’re available to take the call. If you are, they’ll transfer the call so you can handle it personally. That way, you won’t be interrupted by calls that don’t need to be answered immediately while still securing the buyers that contact your brokerage.

A Faster, Smoother Follow Up Process

The reality of today’s market means it’s impossible for you to field every call from a buyer seeking a loan. You may not be able to personally respond to every important call; after all, you only have so much time in the workday, and have so much to do. But if you don’t get back to your callers quickly, they’ll call someone else on their realtor’s list of brokers.

With quality message taking, you can be confident that even the calls you can’t get to immediately are handled. Virtual receptionists will answer every call and take detailed notes, then send you a summary of the call as soon as the call is concluded. Buyers who speak to a live person on the other end of the line are much more likely to wait for your follow up, especially if they’ve been assured you’ll get back to them as soon as possible.

Other answering services don’t send messages as soon as the call concludes. Here at Ring Savvy, however, we recognize that your time is your most valuable asset. Sending messages immediately means you’ll never be waiting on a virtual receptionist to follow up on an important call; you’ll be totally in control of your schedule.

24/7 Appointment Scheduling

First-time buyers often make their decisions late at night, after hours of deliberation with their family and friends. That means your business gets a serious advantage from being available 24/7. After all, first-time buyers aren’t looking to leave a voicemail; they’re looking for answers to their questions.

But while they won’t settle for a voicemail, many will be happy to schedule an appointment. Once there’s a date and time attached to getting their questions answered, they’ll be much less likely to move on to another broker. With Ring Savvy, your callers will be able to schedule appointments no matter when they call.

We’ve set up our service to avoid overloading your schedule. You’ll predetermine the dates and times for which your virtual receptionists can schedule appointments, so you won’t ever overbook you. Even while your phones are totally in the hands of our capable receptionists, you’ll still have total control over your schedule.

Ring Savvy Will Help You Capitalize On A Seller’s Market

Prices are always rising, and inventory is low. That’s bad news for buyers, but it can be good news for your brokerage if you’re prepared for today’s fast-paced real estate market. If you’re looking to speed up your firm, look no further than Ring Savvy’s financial answering service. Our virtual receptionists are friendly, professional, and experts at making sure your callers stick with your firm.

There’s even more your brokerage can gain from hiring Ring Savvy. Our service is bilingual, so you can help home buyers secure loans no matter what language they’re most comfortable speaking. And, if you already have a receptionist, our overflow call handling will ensure any calls they miss are addressed, while still making your office available 24/7.

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