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Three Ways An Answering Service For Plumbers Ensures Your Growing Business Will Succeed

Tony PrietoJuly 11th, 2022

It can be a little scary to look into the statistics behind the survival rate of new businesses. 

20 percent of new businesses fail in the first two years, and almost half fail in the first five! 

Competition is killer in industries like plumbing, where you can be sure there are already established competitors in your area. But we’re not here to discourage you. In fact, we’re here to do the opposite. Whether your business is brand new or you’re just starting to think about expansion, we have a tool that can help ensure your success.

With an answering service for plumbers like Ring Savvy’s, you’ll never miss a call. With our team of virtual receptionists on your side, you’ll find that some of the biggest challenges to new and growing businesses become much less daunting. Below, we go into detail three of the ways an answering service for plumbers ensures your growing business will succeed. 

You’ll Never Miss A Business Opportunity

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking to expand your business, you need to make the most of your marketing budget. Larger competitors have more to work with, so it’s important to close that gap by getting as much out of your advertising as you can. You can’t afford to miss a call, because if a new lead goes to voicemail, you can kiss the investment made to generate that lead goodbye.

With an answering service for plumbers, you’ll always have a receptionist available to make sure you never miss a call, 24/7. Whether you’re enjoying your lunch or out on the job installing pipework, you’ll be able to continue your task uninterrupted without missing out on any new customers. After speaking with a live person, your new leads will feel like they’re important to your company, rather than the neglected feeling voicemail leaves them with.

If you’d still like the opportunity to answer calls personally, our overflow call handling system will only send calls to your virtual receptionists after a few rings. You’ll be able to answer calls when you’re free, but still not have to worry about them when you’re busy. That affords you the opportunity to give your customers the attention to detail they hope to see in a growing business without interrupting your work.

We’ll Help Keep New Leads From Calling Your Competition

Unfortunately, it’s not enough just to answer calls. To ensure your business succeeds, you need to make sure those new leads stick with you. If you don’t, or you take too long to follow up, potential customers might call your competition to see if they can get quicker service elsewhere.

The best way to secure a customer, of course, is to talk to them yourself. You’re the professional and the business owner, so you’re best equipped to give new leads quotes, schedule them onto your calendar, and even give them ETAs in emergencies. With our custom call protocols, we can make sure you always have the chance to speak to a new customer immediately. Your virtual receptionists will reach out to you when new customers call and transfer the call to you if you’re free. Your customers will always feel like they’re a priority, and they’ll be less likely to go looking for another plumber.

And if you’re not available, our virtual receptionists can perform new customer intakes. You’ll have all the information you need to secure customers in a message sent to your text or email. Plus, once they’ve described their issue to a live person and been assured that you’ll get back to them as soon as possible, they won’t feel the need to look up your competition.

Our Service Will Help You Stand Out

Besides making sure customers don’t pass you by, an answering service for plumbers will help you generate customers in the long run. So much of lead generation today depends on your online profile, and our service will help you earn coveted 5-star reviews, which will be the first thing new leads see when they Google your company.

Our virtual receptionists only answer for field service companies, which means they excel at making good first impressions with your customers. They understand the urgent nature of your customer’s requests, and will be friendly, patient, and professional as they help guide your customers to hiring you. Their stellar customer service will reflect well on your company.

We’ll speed up your response time, too. Between new customer intake, transfers, and dispatch, your customers will always feel like they come first . Getting back to your customers and speaking with them personally will allow you to give them the personal touch they expect from a smaller plumbing company.

It’s Easy To Start Using Ring Savvy

Our answering service for plumbers isn’t just effective, it’s easy to use. After just 30 minutes of your time, our white glove setup team will get to work straight away getting you ready for our service. You’ll have customized greetings, intakes, and call protocols available to you from the very beginning.

You’ll get access to all the features discussed above and more immediately and for free. With our limited-time free trial, you can get a peek at what our service can do for you, no strings attached. We don’t even need your credit card!

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