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IT Answering Service

Today, just about every office and place of work relies on computers to get things done. When their computers or servers experience issues, it usually puts their work days to a complete halt. IT companies never know when they’ll be called upon for support, but when a company does reach out to them, they expect immediate assistance. With this being the case, being able to provide a live answer for all incoming customer phone calls is a must.

If your IT business doesn’t already have staff answering calls 24/7, you’ll want to invest in a high quality phone answering service to do it for you. Ring Savvy’s virtual receptionist team is always live, and will help ensure that your IT company is able to be there for customers when technology fails them.

Ring Savvy will help you provide 24/7 support

One of the biggest things any business looks for these days when hiring an IT company is 24/7 technical support. If your IT business can’t advertise that it provides 24/7 support, it is going to struggle to keep up with competitors. Providing the ability to submit a support ticket on your website is not enough. When technical disasters strike, your customers first thought will always be to call into your service. If they are directed to your voicemail during their time of need, you can expect your business to start racking up negative online reviews.

With Ring Savvy, you’ll be able to advertise that you provide 24/7 support with confidence. Our call center remains active during all hours of the day and night, even during weekends and holidays. We always have a large number of virtual receptionists on call, so no matter what time a business reaches out for technical support, our team will be ready to take action.

If a customer reaches out for help hours before your offices open, or over the weekend when your offices are closed, one of our virtual receptionists will always be there to answer their phone call. We’ll make them feel cared for by listening to their problems, empathizing with their issue, and letting them know that help is just around the corner.

How we’ll act in urgent situations

The way we go about contacting you and your colleagues when urgent technical support situations arise is largely up to you. One of the first things we’ll go over when setting up your Ring Savvy service is how you want urgent calls handled and directed.

Most IT companies ask that we contact a designated line of their choosing (for example the owner’s cell phone) when their business receives an urgent request outside of normal office hours. In cases where we make contact with someone from your company, we’ll inform them on who is calling and what the issue is, before giving them the option to have the customer’s call transferred over to their line. This allows IT companies to provide customers with support in real time, and get to work immediately on solving issues. Ring Savvy also offers intelligent dispatching, so if you’d like to have certain technicians on call for certain types of issues or on certain nights of the week, we’ll always be able to transfer your callers to the correct party.

If we can’t immediately get in touch with someone from your company, your customers will still be in good hands. We’ll offer to take a detailed message from the customer, and let them know that it’s being passed along to your IT support team right away. That message will be sent you in text and/or email form, and can be accessed right from your mobile device. Even if you are away from the office, you’ll know right away when an urgent support situation is unfolding.

Everyone needs someone to lean on for support, and Ring Savvy is always prepared to lend IT companies a helping hand.

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Why Ring Savvy is the best live answering service for you

Our 24/7 virtual receptionist team is committed to not just answering your business’ phones, but helping your company convert its new leads into paying customers. Providing a live answer to customers during their time of need means everything these days, and utilizing Ring Savvy will guarantee you’re always able to offer a high quality customer service experience to new prospects.

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